Boxes are the new Bouquets

The trends in flower delivery are changing drastically. The presentation & styles have witnessed a shift from conventional handheld bouquets & woven baskets to a new level of luxe boxes inspired by Parisian hat & shoe boxes in monochromatic, pastel & muted tones.

Le Bloom box is an online flower shop that assists people by offering a chic & stylish  ornate flower boxes for delivery in India all through out the year. You can now send flowers online in India with Le Bloom Box. We aim to make occasions like Valentine’s day, Mother’s day special with our luxurious floral arrangements & also those special moments that aren’t defined by a set day but emerge unanimously by the bonds of love shared between people. Flowers convey a special meaning unlike any other gift & the person sending the flowers is perceived as a caring & thoughtful person. What better way to celebrate these precious moments in life than by sending a beautiful box of roses to your loved one.

You also have the choice of designing & customising your own bloom box. Packaged in your choice of pale pink, white or black box the roses are available in 6 different colours. You can further upgrade your arrangement with your loved one’s initial or a heart for that additional personal touch. by The boxes exude elegance & class but are also meticulously engineered to keep the flowers fresh until they are delivered to the recipient. The overall look of these boxes are more upscale as compared with traditionally styled arrangements and have taken the world of social media by storm. They are a hot favourite among fashion & beauty influencers as well as actresses & celebrities world wide.

Send flowers online with Le Bloom Box. Our delivery services are currently operational in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi & Dehradun. We recommend you place your orders 24 hours prior to the date of delivery, for best service. Le Bloom Box is an initiative by Global Flower Delivery – delivering flowers & smiles online world wide since 1999.

“The best reason to receive flowers are JUST BECAUSE”

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